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Next, ask an icebreaker question, but instruct people not to send their answer until you say so. Give a few moments and then have everyone press enter at the same time. The result is a wonderful cascade of answers you can then choose to highlight as a facilitator. Add a follow-up if you can or sum up the results as a segue for your next activity.

People can name two true things about their family and one lie to keep things light and exciting. Topics can range from their immediate or extended family members as preferred. Even if your coworkers aren’t tuned into NYFW, they’re sure to recognize some of the most popular clothing brands. For those who don’t have any, they can either make a joke pet (the infamous pet rock) or share a dream pet they would have. Have your team members share their screen or send a file to the team leader to share with everyone. Kahoot is a trivia platform you can use for free (hosts up to 10 people).

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Have team members walk around and mingle amongst themselves in a large, open space. The leader of the icebreaker will then yell out a random number under 10. Every person mingling will then have to quickly form a group in the size of the number called.

  • Every player will write their name on a slip of paper backward, fold it, and place it into a bowl.
  • Even the most serious managers turn to playful kids with a bit of competition.
  • Sometimes, it feels like there just isn’t enough time to cover everything you want to in a meeting.
  • Simply grab or create a personality quiz and hand it to your team members.

Start by sharing a list of items, some obvious and some less so. Ask each participant to choose 1-3 items they would take with them in order to survive on a desert island. In smaller groups, ask each person to select items, though with teams of over 10 people, it can be great to separate into breakouts and deliberate which items to bring as a team.

What makes a good virtual icebreaker?

Yum! The folks at Unboxed Experiences can even provide pre-made kits to be sent directly to remote employees tuning in from home. A Friendly Competition Icebreaker is an icebreaker activity that pits participants against each other in the throes of serious — yet super fun competition. This category of icebreakers is designed to stimulate team members and engage them, while allowing them to get to know each other on a deeper level. What’s an even better way to break the ice than any ol’ icebreaker activity? Every member of a team is also an individual, and in this game, participants are invited to imagine themselves as the member of a pirate crew! Start by sharing the image of the crew of a pirate ship and ask each person to choose who they most identify with.

What is a fun ice breaker question for work meeting?

Funny icebreaker questions

If you had to eat one meal for the rest of your life what would it be? If you could change gender for a day what's the first thing you would do? What's your biggest irrational phobia and why? If you became president today, what's the first bill you would pass?

Live polls are one of the easiest ways to break the ice and capture your audience’s attention. They work particularly well if you want to engage larger crowds at conferences (50+). Put participants in pairs and let them interview each other. Give them https://remotemode.net/blog/15-effective-icebreakers-for-virtual-meetings/ five minutes to learn about one another’s background, professional experience or passions. At the FRESH conference in Copenhagen, facilitator Martijn Timmermans split the audience into groups of five and gave everyone a pen and a sheet of paper.

Fun icebreaker Questions for Virtual Meetings & Team Building at Work

You can get crafty with the questions you ask based on your teams or purpose of your meeting. Holiday or seasonal themes, marketing or sales focused questions, or getting as interactive as you can will make sure your staff are involved and excited to participate. When you’re on and off zoom calls all day, jumping between tasks and then hopping into a staff meeting, it can be hard to show up 100% mentally and be focused on the people you’re around.

For this icebreaker, have everyone on your team go around and share a word or phrase that represents how they feel that day. Simon Says is a game as old as time, but it never stops being fun. You can use a free icebreaker bingo generator and personalize each of the squares on a subject you’re all discussing for the day, or for anything everyone can feel included.

Bonus #7 The Mindfulness Icebreaker

The idea is that one team draws a word and the other tries to guess it. Use a tool like Drawarsaurus, which asks you to enter a nickname, create a room and save it as private by creating a password. Once everyone has designated themselves as ready to play, you’ll begin. Preparing your in-person or virtual meetings and adding icebreaker questions for work is a process, of course, so let’s start at the beginning.

The most interesting conversations that arise from this game are often about discussing the two truths that came up, rather than simply finding out if we’re right or wrong. Finally, invite everyone to share one dimension for each coloured dot if they’re comfortable and have a short debrief on what everyone learned. By sharing and being vulnerable in this way, teams can learn a bit more about their colleagues and start to strengthen their relationships as a result. Creative games that allow your team to demonstrate their problem solving skills while collaborating can be an engaging way to kickoff a session.

The Boss Q&A Icebreaker

When you’re a child, playing an icebreaker game in the mud with a stranger ends with you both best friends. Using the popular show as a starting point, ask the group to come up with things they played in childhood. Whatever games, from blind man’s bluff to dodgeball, it doesn’t matter.

Ask people to submit what they are grateful for or who from the team they would like to thank. Use a ranking poll question, add as many options as you wish, and let your participants rank them. Simply create a quiz poll question in Slido and mark one option as correct. You can use our integrations with Google Slides and PowerPoint to insert the poll directly into your slides.